The Rainbow Teacher Local is a branch of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) representing approximately 721 elementary teachers across Sudbury, Espanola and Manitoulin Island. The Local Executive consists of 14 active members, elected every two years. One of the main goals of the Local is to negotiate and uphold the Collective Agreement, maintaining the best possible terms and conditions of the teaching profession. The Rainbow Teacher Local also fosters a climate of social justice according to the anti-oppressive framework, promoting and providing leadership in the areas of antipoverty, non-violence and equity. The Local promotes and protects the interests of all members as it pertains to their duties as a teacher.

Local Executive

2021 -2023

  • Liana Holm - President
    • ETFO Office
  • Meredith Coulas - 1st Vice President/Treasurer
    • ETFO Office
  • Leane Koskela - Second Vice President
    • Valley View P.S.
  • Melissa McCreight - Secretary
    • Valley View P.S.
  • Robyn Horowitz - Des. Position - Manitoulin Rep
    • Little Current P.S
  • Jennifer Tilston - Des. Position - Espanola Rep
    • A.B. Ellis P.S.
  • Stefan Skogberg - Des. Position - Male
    • Walden P.S.
  • Amanda Hardy - Status of Women
    • Churchill P.S.
  • Vanessa McAfee - Open Position
    • Walden P.S.
  • Kathy Sutton - Open Position
    • Northeastern P.S.
  • Kameni Jaikissoon - New Teacher Position
    • Gord Ewin Centre
  • Joanne Roy-Peltier - Indigenous Position
    • Assiginack P.S.
  • Katie Packman - Open Position
    • Princess Anne P.S.
  • Savka Borota - Open Position
    • Lasalle Secondary P.S.

The Rainbow Teacher has a list of committees that any member can join.  Select the link below to see the complete list.


Workplace Stewards

ETFO Stewards are the visible representatives of ETFO and the Local in the workplace. Stewards are responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Collective Agreement. Stewards inform members of ETFO services and programs.

Your ETFO Steward is your workplace contact for information about Local and Provincial updates and information.