Local Elections:

The election for the Rainbow Teacher Local 2023-2025 Executive was conducted on March 21st and 22nd, 2023.  All Rainbow Teacher Local members in good standing, were eligible to vote.  The successful candidates are listed below.  Thanks to everyone who put their names forward for election.

ETFO Rainbow Teacher Local Executive 2023-2025

President -  Liana Holm

1st Vice President/Treasurer -  Meredith Coulas

2nd Vice President -  Leane Koskela

Secretary -  Melissa McCreight

Manitoulin Geographic Area -  Robyn Charbonneau

Espanola Geographic Area -  Jennifer Tilston

Designated Positions for Women (2) - Kathy Sutton, Amanda Hardy

Designated Position for Men - Stefan Skogberg

Designated New Teacher Position - Kameni Jaikissoon

Designated FNMI Position -Joanne Roy-Peltier

Open Positions (3) - Savka Borota, Vanessa McAfee, Katie Packman

The term for the new executive will begin July 1, 2023 and continues until June 30, 2025.